The Harvey Family!

(Fort Worth Branch)

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The Wedding of John and Melanie, August 3, 1985 (covered live on CNN)

Harveys against wall (firing squad?)

Harveys reading (It's FUN-damental!)

Meg with a friend (on a new diet)

Alex dressed as her mother (just kidding!!!)

A surly Irishman and his Guinness

My Ultimate Soldier Diorama: Surprise!

Melanie Grading Papers

Alex around age 6

Meg around age 6

Meg and Alex at the computer

Meg and Alex with WWII hero, Audie Murphy

Meg preparing to deal in death and destruction

Alex preparing to offer a little light entertainment

Destroying the house while Mom's away

Meg and Alex playing in a huge sand pile

Uncle Dan's Wedding

Melanie in 1985

Melanie in 1970

What hangs over my office at home

Meg and Alex Christmas 2007

Disneyland Bell Choir Trip

Fishing in Tennessee


Abby, Catherine, Alex, and Elvis